2010 NCAA Women’s Final Four Championship Tease :: ESPN

Edited on a Avid DS in San Antonio, TX

Music bed was editing and remixed by me on my laptop the night before the edit. If you listen closely, you can here the results of playing with vocal cutting techniques (inverting one channel of stereo audio and mixing it the other to cancel the similar frequencies) or in this case, I mixed the full stereo version with the instrumental version to remove the music to result in only the lyrics.

UC Overview :: University of California, Office of the President

Produced, designed and edited by me. I hired a camera crew and traveled them to all  UC campuses, laboratories, medical centers and UC owned and managed farm land. This video was made to be an overview of the UC system. I also edited a much longer video that highlighted the successes of UC’s Risk Management department. The video from script to screen was produced in under 2 months and was completed on time and on budget.


I hope this fixes your problem

Flash is annoying.  If you are having a random kerning or letter spacing issue with Flash dynamic text fields (AS3), try switching the anti-alias property from readability to animation.  Its stupid that these issues still exist.

Update:  Setting the AntiAliasType to Advance on the text field seems to also resolve this issue without the crappy look that animation settings will show on small text

Purdue Benefits Video :: Purdue University

Screenshot from the video

This is another project made from my XML driven synchronized content engine that I call Hybrid Video. Making videos that have a large amount of repetitive graphic elements like bullet boxes can be produced much faster using this engine and by keeping the video layered like this allows for a lot of slick dynamic content that can be added. Plus the “look” of the graphics comes from a separate file much like CSS, so the video can be completely re-skinned quickly.

And if you’d like to learn more about our Hybrid Video technology, click here.

MBARI: Mission to the Deep :: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photo of the installation

The sister organization to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, or MBARI. And when that connection was to be showcased in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we stepped up to help in numerous ways. From programming the 3 video games visitors play that demonstrate various research MBARI projects to providing our own uncompressed HD video player software (UnPeg) and hardware for a 3 channel video wall and tied all of it together so the whole system together so it all was synchronized with the Aquarium’s show controller. The permanent exhibit has been open since 2007 and has only required one service visit from us (which had a response time of under 12 hours).