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Press Kit & Media Management System :: Dolby Labs

screenshot 1
Public facing site

screenshot 2
Password protected dashboard

At its core, Dolby Laboratories is an intellectual property and licensing company. And in the rapidly changing marketplace of media technology, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently publish their market place victories to media outlets. With that need in mind, we created a custom media manage system that not only stores and encodes their media assets, but provides them an easy method to create, publish and maintain digital press kits that can be used by the media to help them spread Dolby news.

In addition to creating this system, we remain on to not only maintain it, but to provide round the clock support for Dolby and their partners to not only make sure the technology works, but to insure that the underlining vision of the system is successful.

While I handled the MySQL, AS3, dashboard design, some of the PHP and all of the project management, the graphic design of the front page and the development of the front page was done by vendors of mine.

Purdue Benefits Video :: Purdue University

Screenshot from the video

This is another project made from my XML driven synchronized content engine that I call Hybrid Video. Making videos that have a large amount of repetitive graphic elements like bullet boxes can be produced much faster using this engine and by keeping the video layered like this allows for a lot of slick dynamic content that can be added. Plus the “look” of the graphics comes from a separate file much like CSS, so the video can be completely re-skinned quickly.

And if you’d like to learn more about our Hybrid Video technology, click here.

MBARI: Mission to the Deep :: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photo of the installation

The sister organization to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, or MBARI. And when that connection was to be showcased in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we stepped up to help in numerous ways. From programming the 3 video games visitors play that demonstrate various research MBARI projects to providing our own uncompressed HD video player software (UnPeg) and hardware for a 3 channel video wall and tied all of it together so the whole system together so it all was synchronized with the Aquarium’s show controller. The permanent exhibit has been open since 2007 and has only required one service visit from us (which had a response time of under 12 hours).

Tyson Fair Share Analysis Tool :: Joe Khirallah

tool screenshot

This was a sales tool I created so a sales force could site down with their clients, plug in their volume, cost and price for a product (in this case Rotisserie Chicken), and then using proprietary numbers that could only come from such a large chicken supplier like Tyson, the tool would then calculate the clients performance against the industry. After that the tool would provide different solutions for increasing Revenue. Once the client had explored the various solutions, the salesmen could export a PDF for the client to take with them.

For obvious reasons I’ve removed the sample numbers from the screen shot.