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Press Kit & Media Management System :: Dolby Labs

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Public facing site

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Password protected dashboard

At its core, Dolby Laboratories is an intellectual property and licensing company. And in the rapidly changing marketplace of media technology, it’s important to be able to quickly and efficiently publish their market place victories to media outlets. With that need in mind, we created a custom media manage system that not only stores and encodes their media assets, but provides them an easy method to create, publish and maintain digital press kits that can be used by the media to help them spread Dolby news.

In addition to creating this system, we remain on to not only maintain it, but to provide round the clock support for Dolby and their partners to not only make sure the technology works, but to insure that the underlining vision of the system is successful.

While I handled the MySQL, AS3, dashboard design, some of the PHP and all of the project management, the graphic design of the front page and the development of the front page was done by vendors of mine.

Tyson CDI Tool :: Joe Khirallah

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With modern day computing power, for many, data is king. But organizing massive amounts of data to efficiently learn from it is a modern day challenge. For Tyson, the shear amount of data they collect quarterly is massively daunting, and being a skilled analyst doesn’t automatically make you gifted with database management. This is where I came in.

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I created a custom front end interface to a complex MySQL database that allows a team at Tyson to easily not only track existing trends but to discover new ones. By listening to our client, we were able to rapidly build a tool that Tyson relies on for reporting, sales and making strategic decisions. In addition I built in many fail safes to quickly address any data integrity issues that could arise while inputting new quarterly data.